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decision making, factorial survey, judgment, methods, nurses, nursing, nutrition



  1. Ludwick, Ruth PhD, RNC
  2. Wright, Marion Elizabeth PhD
  3. Zeller, Richard Allen PhD
  4. Dowding, Dawn W. PhD
  5. Lauder, William PhD
  6. Winchell, Janice BS


Clinical judgments and decisions are an integral component of nurse work and nurses are increasingly being challenged to account for their judgments and decisions. Nursing research is needed to help explain judgment and decision making in nursing, but most research in this area is almost exclusively characterized by descriptive studies. This article describes the use of the factorial survey method, which combines the explanatory power of a factorial experiment with the benefits of a sample survey. This hybrid technique is an excellent method for studying judgments and decisions across settings, roles, disciplines, and countries. This article outlines the steps of the method and demonstrates its applicability with an exemplar from a study across nurses from 3 countries.