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  1. Barron, Mary Lee MSN, APRN, BC


The goal of an integrative science of women's health is bringing together childbearing with women's health during the lifespan. Enhancing a woman's ability to conceive and maintain a pregnancy is influenced by decisions made well before the beginning of a pregnancy. Identifying ovulatory disorders makes it possible to intervene early in a young woman's childbearing years. Gynecologic charting typically used in natural family planning provides information to the woman and to the healthcare provider that is useful for diagnosis. If young women have a better understanding of fertility and menstrual cycle function, they are in a stronger position to make informed decisions about how they wish to manage their reproductive and sexual health. It may be possible to educate the young woman in health habits that will lead to a healthy pregnancy when she chooses and/or to treat the cause of the ovulatory disorder. This article focuses on polycystic ovary syndrome and hypothalamic dysfunction which can cause menstrual cycle abnormalities in which gynecologic charting is useful in young women.