1. Moore, Lauren MSN, RN

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Nursing students often feel ill-equipped to prioritize patient care. To become effective practitioners, however, they need to be able to prioritize nursing actions and coordinate patient assignments based on acuity. One way to teach prioritization is with the game-based platform Kahoot ( using the Jumble feature. Kahoot integrates fun and competition with active learning. It can be downloaded to a computer, i-Pad, or smart phone. The Jumble feature allows questions that challenge players to place answers in the correct order rather than selecting a single correct answer. The Kahoot Jumble presents a question and requires students to place 4 choices in the correct order with a time constraint of 90 seconds. It can be used during preconference or postconference clinical activities as well as in the classroom. I used Kahoot Jumble during preconference to introduce the concept of prioritization. Students were given questions pertaining to patients with perfusion disorders, the current classroom topic. They were required to organize nursing interventions in the correct hierarchy and triage patients according to their acuity. Each question sparked discussion and debate about the rationale behind the steps of the prioritization process. Students remarked that they needed to focus more closely on the questions and use their critical thinking and decision-making skills to answer questions correctly.