1. Yocom, Danielle DNP, RN, FNP-BC

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To review the principles of parenteral medication administration, an activity named "med libs," based on the "Mad Libs" template word game, was designed for use in the classroom. The goal of the activity is to promote student engagement and active learning while reinforcing key content that is introduced during the previous academic year of the nursing program. Groups of 6 to 8 students each are challenged to create a "med lib" using a faculty-designed template. Working in small groups to complete the template encourages brainstorming, critical thinking, and collaboration while reinforcing integral class concepts. Students then select a group leader to share the "med lib" with the class, comparing and contrasting "med lib" choices to that of other student groups. For example:


A client has an order for a/an (intramuscular or subcutaneous) injection. The nurse looks for a (____inch) length needle and prepares the medication. Then, the nurse selects the (muscle or subcutaneous region) as the site for the injection using the (anatomical) landmark(s). After verifying the rights, identifying the patient, handwashing, and gloving, the nurse secures the site by (z-track, pinches, or spreads the skin) while inserting at a (45 or 90) degree angle. After administering the medication, the nurse applies pressure, engages the needle safety device, and disposes the needle in the (type of receptacle). The next step is to document (type of information documented) and then finally, return to the client's room to assess (what should the nurse assess?).