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ADD, ADHD, visual analog scale



  1. Woolsey, Colleen PhD, ARNP, MSN, MA (Assistant Professor)


ABSTRACT: Attention-deficit/hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) is a commonly occurring neurodevelopmental disorder in children and young adults. If under or inadequately treated, long-term morbidity, mortality, increased social, and health care costs may follow. Standardized assessment tools aid in accurate diagnosis and ongoing treatment modifications; however, they are underused by providers at follow-up visits. This article discusses the development of an assessment tool, presents initial data on the use of a nonstandardized visual analog scale (VAS), and re-emphasizes the importance of regular inclusion of standardized rating scales during periodic reassessments. A targeted literature search of PubMed, Articles+, ERIC, CINAHL, and Google Scholar was performed and findings were reported. An interview with the developer was conducted along with a chart review comparing those using and not using the VAS. The use of the VAS may improve appointment efficiency and result in more thorough symptom assessment. Introduction of the VAS may remind providers of the importance of using standardized tools to reassess all ADHD symptoms regularly. Furthermore, the need for practice efficiency highlights the value of standardization of this VAS.