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nonketotic hyperglycemia, parieto-occipital origin, seizure



  1. Chen, Yu-Shiue BS, RN
  2. Chen, Tsang-Shan MD
  3. Huang, Chin-Wei MD, PhD


INTRODUCTION: Nonketotic hyperglycemia-related seizures are not uncommonly encountered in clinical practice. Their presentation varies, and they may cause serious consequences if they remain unnoticed.


CASE: We report a case of nonketotic hyperglycemia-related seizures of unique left parieto-occipital origin and semiology, presenting as focal aware (simple partial) and impaired awareness (complex partial) seizures, including contralateral limb convulsion and apraxialike behavior.


DISCUSSION: Nonketotic hyperglycemia-related seizures can present with a relatively unique semiology. Careful education to the patients and family regarding attention to the paroxysmal symptoms and an effort to maintain good glycemic control are mandatory in clinical practice.