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  1. Kiaghadi, Adele MSc
  2. Bahramizadeh, Mahmood PhD
  3. Hadadi, Mohammad PhD


Background: Evidence suggests that orthotic intervention can alter dynamic balance in elderly people. This study compared the effect of textured and prefabricated insoles on dynamic postural control in older adults.


Methods: Thirty elderly people were tested with prefabricated and textured insoles in combination with medical and sports shoes. Reach distance of participants was measured in anteromedial, medial, and posteromedial directions of the Star Excursion Balance Test.


Results: Significant footwear-dependent differences were seen in all reach directions. The reach distance was longer for barefoot than for other conditions in the 3 evaluated directions (P < .015).


Conclusions: The use of prefabricated and textured insoles with 2 different shoes significantly reduced reach distance compared with when barefoot.