1. Kirschling, Jane
  2. Sidwell, Jane
  3. Killmeyer, Amy
  4. Lentz, Judy

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In 2004, the HPNA Board of Directors thoughtfully considered how best to position the Board and National Office to meet the needs of the membership through 2009. We used the following principles to guide this work: (1) we wanted to ensure that HPNA's Executive Director has the authority to lead the organization; (2) we wanted to move the HPNA Board closer to policy setting, with operations residing with the Executive Director; and (3) we wanted to increase membership participation in the organization.


In July 2004, the Board approved a new model for doing the work of HPNA. In this model, which will be implemented in 2005, there will be Board Committees, Standing Association Committees that will include HPNA members who do not serve on the Board, and Ad Hoc Committees. For the near future, the Board Committees will include the Executive Committee, Planning and Resource Committee, Audit and Assessment Committee, Finance Committee, and Nominating Committee, which does include non-Board members. The Board has carefully considered the implications of the Sarbanes-Oxley Act in its work. Although the Act does not currently apply to nonprofit organizations, it may in the future, which will mean that the Board will be more involved in audits and financial reporting, that there will be greater overall scrutiny of audits and financial practices, and more diligence by auditors. Our new Board Committees are responsive to this increased "due diligence" and "scrutiny."


The Standing Association Committees will include Continuing Education, Chapters, Education, Membership, Public Policy, and Research. The Board expects that additional Standing Association Committees will be added in time as the needs of the organization evolve. Finally, Ad Hoc Committees will be appointed to accomplish short-term projects.


These changes will require some revisions to the HPNA bylaws, especially related to Article VII Committees. In addition, the Board will be deliberating and seeking member input at the HPNA Annual Meeting, scheduled for Fri-day, January 21, 2005, at 11:15 am in New Orleans, on two additional bylaws revisions-whether the membership should continue to elect half of the Board membership with the remaining members being appointed by the Board. This issue was briefly discussed in 2002 at the HPNA Annual Meeting. The second area that we will be soliciting members' feedback on is the decision model that we use to conduct business. Our bylaws currently specify that we use Robert's Rules of Order Newly Revised. There are two additional decision models that are used by nonprofit organizations-Roberta's Rules, which are based on a consensus model, and the American Bar Association Rules.


The membership will vote on bylaws revisions in spring 2005 at the same time that it is asked to vote on new members for the Board of Directors for 2006. If you are unable to attend the 2005 Annual Meeting and have feedback on the potential bylaws revisions, please do not hesitate to forward your comments to Judy Lentz, our Executive Director ([email protected]).