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  1. Ayd[latin dotless i]n Y[latin dotless i]ld[latin dotless i]r[latin dotless i]m, Tugba PhD
  2. Kitis, Yeter PhD


Changes in the aging process affect the duration and quality of sleep. Not having a quality night's sleep leads to a reduction in daytime wakefulness in older adults. We examined the effect of aromatherapy on the cognitive functions and daytime sleepiness of older adults living in a nursing home. The research was a pretest and posttest design, which was conducted without a control group. The sample included 39 elders. A rosemary-lemon oil mixture was smelled by elders in the mornings for a week. After a 1-week washout period, lavender oils were smelled in the evenings for a week. After application of the rosemary-lemon oil mixture, the mean score of participants' daytime sleepiness was lower, but that decline was not statistically meaningful (P > .050). After the same application, the mean score of the participants' cognitive functions was significantly lower (P < .001). After application of lavender oil, the scores were significantly lower (P < .001). Lower scores on the scales used indicate lower sleepiness. The results showed that the 2 applications can be used to improve cognitive functions in older adults; in addition, lavender oil has an advantage in reducing daytime sleepiness.