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community health collaboratives, evaluation, participatory evaluation



  1. Hausman, Alice J. PhD, MPH
  2. Brawer, Rickie MPH
  3. Becker, Julie PhD, MPH
  4. Foster-Drain, Robin MD, MPH
  5. Sudler, Charmaine
  6. Wilcox, Robin MPA
  7. Terry, Barbara J. RN, BSN, MS, NHA


This article presents the results of a pilot implementation of an evaluation process designed to help community health collaboratives obtain relevant information for planning and evaluation. The Value Template Process assists collaboratives to identify performance and impact indicators that are meaningful and measurable with accessible data. The process also encourages communication and engagement in assessment among collaborative members. The pilot study demonstrated that the process's underlying assumptions of social capital were valid and that the process was feasible and useful to the community health collaborative.