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child health, immunization registries, information systems, newborn screening



  1. Hinman, Alan R. MD, MPH
  2. Atkinson, Delton MSPH, MPH, PMP
  3. Diehn, Tonya Norvell MS
  4. Eichwald, John MA, FAAA
  5. Heberer, Jennifer MPP
  6. Hoyle, Therese BSHE
  7. King, Pam MPA, RN
  8. Kossack, Robert E. MD
  9. Williams, Donna C. BS, MASCP
  10. Zimmerman, Amy MPH


Infants undergo a series of preventive and therapeutic health interventions and activities. Typically, each activity includes collection and submission of data to a dedicated information system. Subsequently, health care providers, families, and health programs must query each information system to determine the child's status in a given area. Efforts are underway to integrate information in these separate information systems. This requires specifying the core functions that integrated information systems must perform.