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EPS offers ShrinkSafe ID Bands to help reduce medication errors involving look-alike meds. ShrinkSafe easily wraps around virtually all 10 ml vials containing paralytic agents. The band's bright orange color immediately calls attention to itself and alerts practitioners that this particularly wrapped medication requires special handling. A quick exposure to heat shrinks the ShrinkSafe band to the vial's shape and still permits easy viewing of the manufacturer's label. And, dispensing is easy; peel the band's pull-tab and the medication is ready to use.


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Lionville Systems' iCart blends the needs of nursing and information technology to provide a workstation for mobile computing, point-of-care medication administration, and bar code scanning. Its point-of-care features are flexible technology platform, high capacity power solution (optional), maneuverability, and ergonomics. Its nurse-friendly features are ample work surface with optional cup dispensers, night-light, waste bin, sharps disposal, I.V. pole, customizable patient medication and supply storage, and advanced keyless entry and automatic relocking system to ensure regulatory compliance.


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A key component of Siemens Medical Solutions ' medication management offering, Med Administration Check, closes the loop on the medication use process by automatically validating and documenting medication administration. Using bar code technology, the system scans each medication and the patient's ID bracelet, and alerts nurses in real time to potential administration errors of drug, dose, route, time, or patient. Clinical checks such as allergies, drug-lab and drug-drug interactions can be performed at the time of administration and documented in an electronic MAR. Administration and assessment details are captured at the point of care and automatically documented in the patient's electronic health record.


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