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hospital readmission, patient outcome, skilled care unit, transitional care



  1. Anderson, Mary Ann PhD, RN
  2. Tyler, Denice MS, APRN, BC
  3. Helms, Lelia B. PhD, JD
  4. Hanson, Kathleen S. PhD, RN
  5. Sparbel, Kathleen J. H. MS, APRN, BC


The purpose of this project was to characterize patients readmitted to the hospital during a stay in a transitional care unit (TCU). Typically, readmitted patients were females, widowed, with 8 medical diagnoses, and taking 12 different medications. Readmission from the TCU occurred within 7 days as a result of a newly developed problem. Most patients did not return home after readmission from the TCU. Understanding high-risk patients' characteristics that lead to costly hospital readmission during a stay in the TCU can assist clinicians and healthcare providers to plan and implement timely and effective interventions, and help facility personnel in fiscal and resource management issues.