1. Kennedy, Maureen Shawn MA, RN

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Free cancer care for the uninsured in Delaware. As part of a comprehensive program developed by the Delaware Cancer Consortium, eligible Delaware residents who in the past haven't had access to care in the early stages of cancer (when it's easiest to treat) will be given free cancer care for one year. Hospitals will also have cancer care coordinators who help patients and their families access the care they need. The state is fighting the battle against cancer on several fronts, from screening for colorectal cancer (the second leading cause of death from cancer in the state) to efforts to reduce tobacco use and exposure. For more information, go to


A success for the Center for Nursing Advocacy. More than 3,000 nurses and supporters responded with messages of protest to a recent international advertising campaign by shoe manufacturer Skechers. The campaign featured pop music star Christina Aguilera dressed both as a "nurse" in a provocative outfit and wielding a huge syringe and as her own mock-fearful patient, exploiting the "naughty nurse" and "nurse-as-battle-axe" stereotypes. Skechers has announced that its ads were not meant to "trivialize or marginalize the valuable services" of nurses and that the company had "immediately pulled all United States distribution of the advertisement and discontinued international media buys." Read more at