atrial fibrillation, cardioversion, treatment satisfaction



  1. Pita-Fernandez, Salvador MD, PhD
  2. Farinas-Garrido, M Pilar RN


The objective of this study was to evaluate patient satisfaction with direct current (DC) cardioversion and the prevalence of discomfort after the process. A descriptive study of patients (N = 75) who underwent DC cardioversion in the cardiology department of the Juan Canalejo Hospital, Spain, was conducted. As many as 53.8% of the patients stated that they experienced discomfort with DC cardioversion. The factors associated with relatively more discomfort were being a female and younger age. Receiving information before DC cardioversion protected against discomfort (OR = 0.16). All of the patients were satisfied with the way they were treated, but 21.2% were not satisfied with the results. After adjusting for different covariates, patients who were informed about cardioversion before the procedure were more satisfied with the treatment (OR = 4.9). The patients showed a high degree of satisfaction with the treatment received. Information increases the probability of satisfaction and decreases discomfort.