congenital anomalies, needs, neonates, NICU, nurse, palliative care



  1. Sener Taplak, Ayse PhD, RN
  2. Gurol, Ayse PhD, RN
  3. Polat, Sevinc PhD, RN


This study was conducted to determine neonatal intensive care unit (NICU) nurses' opinions about the palliative care needs of neonates with multiple congenital anomalies. The study sample consisted of the 20 nurses who agreed to participate in the study and worked in the NICU between November and December 2017. A one-to-one interview method was utilized using a semistructured interview form. Written consent was obtained from participants and reconfirmed verbally prior to data collection. In the study, most of the nurses stated that the therapeutic medical treatment should not be started for dying neonates with multiple congenital anomalies. It was also found that nurses did not have enough palliative care knowledge for neonates. The palliative care needs of the neonates with multiple congenital anomalies in NICUs were found to be pain management, infection care, enhancing quality of life by avoiding unnecessary medical practices, skin care, the care of the baby in the ventilator, timely application of the treatment of neonates, and supporting family.