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malignant hyperthermia, nursing care, scoliosis



  1. An, Xiaoyan
  2. Wang, Qiaogui
  3. Qiu, Yong
  4. Zhu, Zezhang
  5. Ma, Zhengliang
  6. Hua, Wei
  7. Li, Xueyun


ABSTRACT: INTRODUCTION: The report summarizes the intraoperative rescue and nursing intervention of malignant hyperthermia (MH) in the correction surgery for 3 patients with spinal deformity. Although rare, MH may occur in up to 1 of 5000 cases. INTERVENTION: The key points of nursing care include preoperative MH risk assessment, MH early warning, cessation of anesthetic, use of a validated scoring system, and initiation of cooling measures. CONCLUSION: Prompt nursing recognition and team-fcoused interventions provided successful rescue of 3 patients with MH.