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Nurse Faculty, Nursing Education, Nursing Skills, Psychomotor Performance, Skill Acquisition, Skill Retention



  1. Kemery, S. R.
  2. Morrell, Briyana L. M.


AIM: The purpose of this study was to understand the methods faculty use to teach and evaluate psychomotor skill performance in associate and baccalaureate nursing programs, resources available to students to master these skills, and policies and procedures related to summative evaluation of psychomotor skills.


BACKGROUND: Despite the importance of psychomotor skills competency in registered nursing programs, published methods for teaching and evaluating competency vary. The literature does not support a particular strategy for teaching or evaluation.


METHOD: In this primarily quantitative descriptive study, participants completed a 28-item questionnaire developed by the authors based on a review of the literature and personal teaching experience.


RESULTS: All respondents indicated that their institutions conducted summative assessment of psychomotor skills; however, the methods for teaching and evaluation varied widely.


CONCLUSION: Well-designed control studies and consensus guidelines from professional nursing education organizations would assist faculty in implementing consistent, effective, evidence-based strategies.