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Asian American Nursing Students, Best Practices in Item Writing, Cultural and Linguistic Diversity, English as an Additional Language (EAL), Linguistic Modification



  1. Mulready-Shick, JoAnn
  2. Edward, Jean
  3. Sitthisongkram, Somporn


Abstract: Limited studies address perspectives about exam-writing practices of nursing students for whom English is an additional language. The authors conducted a program-level study of perceptions of 26 nursing students of Asian background who identified as nonnative speakers of English regarding faculty-made, multiple-choice exam questions that had been linguistically modified. Linguistic modification promoted readability and comprehensibility; students preferred the linguistically modified versions 60 percent of the time. This inquiry attends to the need for greater responsiveness to student concerns about test-taking practices and for engendering their ongoing participation in creating local evidence for improving program outcomes.