1. King, Aron BSN, RN

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I was pleased to read about the Rhode Island Nurses Institute (RINI) Middle College Charter School ("Starting Nursing Careers in High School," In the News, September 2019). An alternative public school focused on recruiting urban youth from low-income and underrepresented backgrounds is an amazing concept. As an African American male from a similar target demographic, I was fortunate to be introduced to nursing as a high school student.


I believe diversity in nursing is an important issue, as minorities, which made up 38% of the U.S. population in 2014, are expected to become the majority by 2044.1 Despite these historic demographic shifts, the U.S. RN workforce is failing to reflect the population changes.2 I work as an ICU nurse in a community that is 48.6% Hispanic or Latino. Although my facility has many interpreting options available to staff, I believe having an intimate understanding of a community's culture is necessary to the delivery of culturally competent care. In order to accomplish this, more efforts should be concentrated on initiating programs like the RINI Middle College Charter School in districts around the United States.


Aron King, BSN, RN


Sacramento, CA




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