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Unnecessary Pap tests in U.S. teens. Many female teenagers in the United States may be receiving unnecessary bimanual pelvic examinations (BPVs) and Pap tests, exposing them to preventable harm, according to a study in the January 6 JAMA Internal Medicine. Consensus across leading professional organizations recommend against routine screening for cervical cancer in women younger than 21 years of age, nor is a pelvic exam necessary prior to prescribing contraception, other than for an intrauterine device or to screen for sexually transmitted infections. Yet, a weighted cross-sectional analysis of survey results from a national sample of 3,410 women ages 15 to 20 years indicates that an estimated 2.6 million young women received a BPV in the past 12 months and that 54.4% of those were potentially unnecessary. Additionally, an estimated 2.2 million young women received a Pap test in the past 12 months, 71.9% of which were potentially unnecessary.