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  1. Anglin, Carlita MSIS
  2. Halpin-Healy, Carolyn MA
  3. Rosenfeld, Peri PhD, FAAN


Despite evidence of its positive impact on observation, description, empathy, and self-care, few arts-related professional development opportunities exist for nurses in practice settings. This academic medical center launched a 4-part visual arts-humanities professional development workshop for RNs to enhance their clinical skills through reflective activities and guided conversations of art. Participating RNs provided written feedback of their impressions and reflections on course content and potential personal growth. Participants reported profound changes in their self-awareness in multiple areas, and 3 consistent themes emerged: 1) seeing as enhanced observation; 2) attunement, and 3) thinking shifts. The workshop also provided respite from patient care demands for professional development and opportunities to cultivate collegial relationships among nurses from different areas and units. These findings underscore the value of the Quadruple Aim, which focuses on workplace practices that promote a sense of well-being and meaning at work. Consistent support from the chief nursing officer and nursing leadership was essential to the success of the program.