1. Garcia-Bravo, Sara MSc, PT
  2. Garcia-Bravo, Cristina MSc, OT
  3. Molina-Rueda, Francisco PhD, MSc, PT
  4. Cuesta-Gomez, Alicia PhD, MSc, PT


Background and Purpose: Age-related muscle strength deterioration and decreased ability to react appropriately and regain balance after unexpected sudden disturbances and deficit they have in the use of responsible mechanisms to control the dynamic stability in response to a disturbance are important intrinsic risk factors for the fall. The main objective of this study is to verify the impact on the dynamic balance, through the Limits of Stability test, of a physical exercise program in older adults using the Nintendo Wii console.


Methods: The sample consisted of a total of 12 patients. Pre and posttreatment measurements and assessments were carried out at the Laboratory of Motion Analysis, Biomechanics, Ergonomics and Motor Control (LAMBECOM) in the Faculty of Health Sciences of the Rey Juan Carlos University.


Results and Conclusions: The results of this study show improvements in the scores of all the variables analyzed by Limits of Stability: RT, MVL, EPE, MXE and DCL. The results obtained seem to determine that the protocol used through training with the Nintendo Wii and its Wii Fit video game produced clinical improvements in postural control and dynamic balance and a positive impact on quality of life.