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adapted crusting technique, crust, gastrostomy, hydrocolloid powder, ICU, ostomy, pediatric, peristomal lesion



  1. Santos Monteiro, Ana Cristina RN
  2. Barbosa Maia dos Santos, Maria Lucia MS
  3. Souza, Marcia Aparecida RN
  4. Caires de Oliveira Achili Ferreira, Juliana PhD


OBJECTIVE: To describe the care of pediatric patients who had a gastrostomy and developed peristomal lesions and received a systematic single adapted crusting technique in a pediatric ICU in a tertiary Brazilian hospital.


METHODS: An analysis of six cases presenting traumatic, noninfectious peristomal lesions with ostium enlargement resulting in gastric residual leaks. All six patients received the same treatment over 7 to 15 days.


RESULTS: Lesion improvement was observed in all patients after 48 hours and considered attributable to the standard treatment recommended by ostomy professionals.


CONCLUSIONS: The adapted crusting technique was effective in the treatment of children with peristomal lesions. This technique may be beneficial to other patient and organizational outcomes such as improving safety of care, decreasing pain and discomfort, reducing nursing workload and hospital costs, and improving quality of life.