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faculty development, faith, health sciences education, interprofessional education, nursing



  1. Hensarling, Robert W.
  2. Shelton, Lora
  3. Thomason, Angela R.


ABSTRACT: To cultivate faculty facilitators in interprofessional education, a college of health sciences at a Christian university established a fellowship for interprofessional development that incorporated faith-based activities. Twenty-eight faculty formed nine interprofessional project groups that participated in the 12-month fellowship across two academic years. The objective was to gain competence in interprofessional education. Analysis of pre- and postassessment findings revealed a statistically significant difference between the two assessments in seeking information related to faith-based aspects of care. This educational intervention suggests that the inclusion of a faith component may help to shift faculty perceptions of faith-based care during development of interprofessional education opportunities.