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culture of safety, engagement, hospital, ambulatory



  1. Zallman, Leah
  2. Finnegan, Karen E.
  3. Todaro, Martina
  4. Dallinga, Bree
  5. Curtis, Joy
  6. Lidman, Marcy
  7. Allen, Paul
  8. Peterson, Denise
  9. Schoonmaker, Karen
  10. Sayah, Assaad


ABSTRACT: As healthcare organizations seek to improve patient experience, quality, and safety, employee engagement and perceptions of patient safety (POPS) have increasingly become foci of attention. Yet, the relationship between these constructs is poorly understood. We examined the correlation between provider and staff engagement (collectively, "employee engagement"), and between employee engagement and POPS in ambulatory and hospital environments. We found significant correlations between staff engagement and POPS, and between provider engagement and POPS in ambulatory and hospital environments. We also found significant correlation between provider and staff engagement. Although all correlations were weak (correlation coefficients of 0.17-0.47), there were significant increases in POPS with increases in employee engagement (in both ambulatory and hospital environments) and increases in provider engagement with increases in staff engagement. These increases range from 4% to 11% for every 17% increase in staff engagement. These findings suggest that healthcare systems seeking to improve provider engagement, staff engagement, and POPS may find synergistic effects between these efforts in ambulatory and hospital settings.