1. Goodfriend, Lori BSN, RN, VA-BC
  2. Kennedy, Sherrie BSN, RN, VA-BC
  3. Hein, Angela BSN, RN, CCRC
  4. Baker, Rachel PhD, RN, CPN


Vascular access team (VAT) nurses receive many consults to place short peripheral catheters (SPCs), a portion of which do not require skilled insertion by a VAT member. VAT nurses at a health care organization in the Midwestern United States developed a program to train direct care nurses as unit-based vascular access champions to increase and improve SPC placement, care, and maintenance. Twenty-one nurses from 6 units were selected to train as vascular access champions; knowledge and confidence around SPC placement were assessed before, immediately after, and 6 months after the training. The training sessions resulted in increased knowledge of SPC insertion, as well as care and maintenance by vascular access champions and other direct care nurses on the units. The percentage of unwarranted VAT referrals for SPC placement decreased on the participating hospital units.