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  1. O'Lynn, Chad E. PhD, RN
  2. O'Connor, Tom EdD, MSc Ad Nursing, BSc, PG Dip Ed, Dip Nur, RGN, RNT
  3. Herakova, Liliana L. PhD
  4. Kellett, Peter PhD, RN


Patriarchy has been offered as the foundational paradigm for gendered issues in nursing; however, operationalization of this paradigm in order to improve nursing workforce gender diversity is challenging. The qualitative arm of the present study explored men's decision-making to become nurses within a larger gendered context. Findings were then assessed for fit with Gender Role Conflict Theory. Findings suggest that men undergo a process in which contrasting influences are considered. The findings' congruence with gender role conflict theoretical assumptions suggests suitable conceptual fit for male recruitment and retention actions and further research.