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applications, digital health, patient preference, remote monitoring, smartphone, surgical site infection, telemedicine, wounds



  1. Wang, Sheila C. MD, PhD
  2. Au, Yunghan PhD, MBA
  3. Ramirez-GarciaLuna, Jose L. MD, MSc
  4. Lee, Lawrence MD, PhD
  5. Berry, Gregory K. MDCM, MSEd, FRCSC


OBJECTIVE: To review the clinical and scientific literature on remote monitoring and management of postsurgical wounds using smartphone applications (apps).


DATA SOURCES: MEDLINE, PubMed, EMBASE, and Cochrane libraries were searched for relevant articles on patients who received surgery and were monitored postdischarge via an app.


STUDY SELECTION: Articles were selected with the terms "mobile phones," "smartphones," "wounds," "monitor," and "patient preference."


DATA EXTRACTION: The authors found 276 review articles related to telemedicine in wound care. Investigators reviewed the titles and abstracts of the search results and selected 83 articles that were relevant to the remote monitoring of wounds using smartphone apps.


DATA SYNTHESIS: The topics explored in selected literature included smartphone app importance to telemedicine, benefits (medical and financial), app examples, and challenges in the context of wound monitoring and management. The authors identified several challenges and limitations that future studies in the field need to address.


CONCLUSIONS: Remote monitoring and management of wounds using smartphone apps is a valuable technique to enhance the quality of and access to healthcare. However, although some patients may prefer this technology, some lack technological competence, limiting telemedicine's applicability. In addition, issues remain with the reliable interpretation of data collected through apps.