1. Wagner, Monica L. MD
  2. Doellman, Darcy MSN, RN, CRNI(R), VA-BC
  3. Forlenza, Kimberly N. MS
  4. Fischer, Kevin DNP, APRN
  5. Tuncel Kara, Setenay PhD
  6. Bradshaw, Ursula MA, BS
  7. Falcone, Richard A. Jr MD, MPH, MMM


Central vascular access device (CVAD) placement is a common procedure in children. When selecting a CVAD, available evidence and specified indications should be used to choose the device that best supports the patient's treatment and carries the lowest risks. A multidisciplinary team developed a care algorithm to standardize preoperative screening before pediatric CVAD placement, with 3 major parts: CVAD selection, patient risk stratification, and preoperative evaluation. Using a stepwise approach of provider education and incorporation into the electronic health record, the team achieved 82% stratification among inpatients. The team's algorithm integrates the existing literature and recommendations for safe and effective CVAD placement.