end-of-life care, Malaysia, palliative care, palliative care providers, well-being



  1. Tan, Seng Beng MRCP
  2. Lee, Yan Li MBBS
  3. Tan, Shir Nee MBBS
  4. Ng, Tze Ying MBBS
  5. Teo, Yong Teck MBBS
  6. Lim, Poh Khuen MPM
  7. Loh, Ee Chin MRCP
  8. Lam, Chee Long MRCP


Palliative care providers find meaning in their work, even though stress, burnout, and compassion fatigue can be a concern. In this study, we aimed to explore the experiences of well-being of palliative care providers in Malaysia. Data collected using semistructured interviews were thematically analyzed. Eighteen palliative care providers participated: 9 doctors and 9 nurses. Five subthemes were generated: (1) values and strengths, (2) coping and work-life balance, (3) social support and spirituality, (4) passion and satisfaction, and (5) learning, growth, and transformation. These subthemes were further categorized into 2 themes: resilience and reward. The results may inform the development of interventions in the promotion and sustenance of well-being of palliative care providers.