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The Association for Nursing Professional Development (ANPD) Board of Directors (BOD) is dedicated to providing leadership and setting the standard of nursing professional development (NPD) practice by engaging NPD leaders and specialists across the globe in the leadership positions within ANPD (Maloney, 2016). Every year, the ANPD BOD has the privilege to welcome new leaders voted in by the ANPD membership. It is an exciting time to get to know colleagues from across the country, bringing with them a fresh perspective and new ideas.

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The board member transition occurs in conjunction with the annual ANPD conference, with new members taking their positions at the conclusion of the gathering. Although this is a time to look forward with great anticipation, there is also an element of sadness as we say goodbye to those who have helped lead the organization for the last 2-4 years. The year 2020 has been different in a lot of aspects, and it is no different for the board transition, which occurred at the conclusion of the virtual conference in September. The time seemed appropriate to introduce you to the new board members and highlight the contributions of those who have transitioned off.



The BOD is excited to welcome Susan Bindon, DNP, RN, CNE, NPD-BC, CNE-cl, as President of the ANPD BOD. Susan is an associate professor in the Institute for Educators at the University of Maryland School of Nursing. She served on the BOD prior, was elected President-Elect in 2019, and spent the last year working alongside the current President to learn the role. In discussing her new position, Susan shared, "While NPD practitioners are subject matter experts in terms of transition to practice, role, and setting, we, along with nurses across all specialties, have had to transition to a new way of thinking, learning, teaching, and practicing. I'm very interested to see what lessons we all have to share when we have a moment to reflect on this massive global 'transition' related to COVID-19. I look forward to seeing how this crisis will change our practice for the better, and what ways of doing and knowing that may have served us well in that past that we'll now leave behind."


Rachel Frija, DNP, RN, NPD-BC, is pleased to accept the role of Treasurer. She is the manager of the Clinical Education Department of the largest healthcare system in New Mexico. She is the founder and president of the local ANPD affiliate in New Mexico, which was established in 2019. She has presented at ANPD conferences and coordinated NPD certification review courses in her area. Rachel's experience and enthusiasm will be a great addition to the team!


There were two Director seats up for election in 2020. Cathleen Opperman, DNP, RN, NEA-BC, CPN, was elected to one of the seats. Cathleen is a Professional Development Nurse Specialist at Nationwide Children's Hospital in Pickerington, Ohio. Cathleen previously served on the ANPD Education Committee and as chair of the ANPD Return on Investment Task Force. She has published and presented materials related to NPD multiple times. Cathleen is coming to the BOD with a wealth of valuable experience!


Debbie Buchwach, MSN, RN, NPD-BC, returns to the board for her second consecutive term as Director. Debbie is the Director of Clinical Practice and Professional Development at Virginia Mason in Seattle, Washington. She is prior president of the ANPD-NW (northwest) affiliate. She facilitates NPD certification preparation courses and served as a mentor for the ANPD Leadership Academy. She has published and presented materials related to NPD. Welcome back, Debbie!



As with any transition, the ANPD BOD has to say "goodbye" to some wonderful dedicated nursing leaders as their election term ends. Even though they will be missed on ANPD's BOD, they still will be active with ANPD, as they are committed individuals who believe in the mission of ANPD. The current and new BOD want to say "thank you" for all the contributions that Patsy Maloney, Mary Golway, and Launette Woolforde provided during their terms.


Patsy Maloney, EdD, RN, NPD-BC, CEN, NEA-BC, is the outgoing ANPD president. As she reflects about her time on the BOD, she remembers one of her first responsibilities was editor of the Journal of Nursing Professional Development Update. As she was participating in her first editorial board meeting at the 2019 annual convention, she received an urgent text message that the opening speaker had not arrived for the convention and the convention had a change in agenda with her presentation being moved to the opening session, along with highlights of the 2016 Scope and Standards. She reflected how quickly she was indoctrinated into the president's role, but it really was no different than her role as a nurse-quickly adapting to the ever-changing situation. Even though anxiety ran rampant, her anxiety was calmed by the engagement of the audience as they were more excited about the revised scope and standards than ever imagined. In essence, the well-received scope and standards has served to guide the board since 2016, particularly the last standard, which addresses advocating for our specialty. The board has continuously advocated for the recognition of the NPD specialty through publications, partnerships, and marketing. Patsy has contributed on many ANPD projects, and ANPD is very appreciative that she has served as our leader for the last 2 years.


May Golway, MSN, RN, NPD-BC, attended her first BOD meeting as treasurer in 2016 at the annual ANPD Convention in Pittsburgh. This was her first elected board position for any professional organization, at any level. She recounts being very nervous as she met with colleagues on the BOD from across the nation. Initially, she was intimated as she felt that she did not belong in the room. She labeled it as "the imposter syndrome," as she questioned her abilities to be a leader for such a prestigious organization. She thought about the collective knowledge, wisdom, dedication, and commitment of the BOD, and she then realized that she was their equal and had as much input and experience as they did. She was their fellow servant leader and colleague. Mary has served on the BOD very productively, always providing insight and a different perspective when needed. Even though this may have been her first BOD experience on any level, she has been incredible leading ANPD toward the future by keeping us accountable for our finances.


Launette Woolforde, EdD, DNP, RN, NPD-BC, has served on ANPD's BOD for the last 2 years, as she was elected in to her only term in 2018; however, she was appointed to the BOD in 2017 because of board vacancy. During this time, her efforts have been instrumental, as she led the diversity task force composed of ANPD members. Launette's guidance for her team generated an awareness that promoted more diversity among members, encouraged empowerment to members that represented diverse backgrounds within the organization, aligned with ANPD affiliates, and collaborated with other professional organizations that represent diverse nursing groups. Launette has served with a positive attitude and always brought a new perspective or discussion to the BOD meetings. We thank her for time dedicated to ANPD.


ANPD BOD is proud and dedicated to upholding the standards set forth by past leaders and members of ANPD. We thank the leaders who have served and been steadfast in their approach and work for ANPD. There are insufficient words to describe the time and effort that they have provided during their terms. Their leadership and contributions are immense, as goals have been established and met during their tenure. ANPD is privileged to have had you serve and represent the members of ANPD. It has been a great pleasure to work with each of you.


As for the new BOD members, ANPD looks forward to your engagement, enthusiasm, and ideas as we continue to advance the specialty practice of NPD. Maloney and Woolforde (2019) state "continuous change is integral to NPD practice," which is illustrated in practice as the board evolves. ANPD will look at expanding its scope, experimenting with new technology, and bringing a more diversified approach to the workforce. We are pleased to welcome the newest members of the BOD. ANPD hopes that your servitude is both rewarding and challenging, as common goals of ANPD are accomplished. Many thanks to all those who have contributed to this organization, and we look forward to the future as ANPD grows and evolves.




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