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Regarding the article, "Biblical Counseling: An Alternative for Treating Depressive Symptoms" (issue 37.2), I think it is important when going for biblical counseling to find a counselor whose view of biblical truth aligns with your view. Biblical truth shared with love in a counseling situation can be very effective. Biblical truth shared without love in a counseling situation can be harsh, judgmental, and condemning.


Roberta Paige, MA, BS, RN, CCM, Portsmouth, VA


After a decade working as a registered nurse, I decided to write an article about my experience being bullied during my first year in the nursing profession. I prayed, and then submitted my article to the Journal of Christian Nursing. Every contact with the JCN staff has been a blessing; I am appreciative of the JCN staff who carefully guided me through the process of writing about painful events that occurred at the beginning of my nursing career. The editorial review board and staff diligently reviewed my article and made specific suggestions to improve it.


I am incredibly pleased that this article is scheduled to be published in such a reputable and distinguished source as the Journal of Christian Nursing. Thank you, JCN staff, for hearing and understanding my story! You see, this wasn't just an article to me. It was my life. My hope is that new nurses be prepared and help end bullying in the nursing profession. May Jesus Christ receive the glory for the grace and mercy he gives as we follow wherever he leads us.


Cindy D. Ott, RN-BC, Rowesville, SC


How much I appreciated the April/June 2020 issue (37.2) of the Journal of Christian Nursing. Although I am no longer a physically practicing nurse, I am very much one in spirit. And God continues to use my preparation and experience in nursing to influence the way I see and interact with those I encounter every day, be it in my apartment building or the grocery store.


The uniqueness I saw and appreciated in this issue was the emphasis on the experiences of the nurse and patient (family). And further how bringing biblical principles and a personal relationship with God was an important part of the nursing experience. "Experiencing God in Nursing" and "Being and Doing: A Cultural Immersion and Reflection" invited me to enter into the lived experience of nursing again. "The Impact of the Theory of the Whole Person on the Professional Practice of Nursing School Graduates" also provided an intimate look at how nurses seamlessly integrated the spiritual dimension of seeing and caring for patients with all other aspects of care.


As always, I read the departments (columns) with much appreciation. My favorite in the 37.2 issue was Called to Teach. As one who taught for years, I resonated with Rachel Mack's statement, "The most passionate and effective teachers may not choose teaching; rather, teaching chooses them....many teachers are called by God to teach." Also, the poem "A Little More Caring" by Ansley Little and a statement on the Practicing page were outstanding. Robin Farnsworth wrote, "I have never found a pill as powerful as the human touch. Jesus demonstrated this repeatedly..."


Indeed, the entire April/June issue is a testimony to the power and beauty of inviting God into the life of the nurse and the nurse-patient experience. I thank you for publishing it.


Sandra Jamison, PhD, RN, Mechanicsburg, PA



In the July/September (37.3) issue, page 192, there was an error regarding the date for the White reference. The correct date should have been 2019. Some dates in the article appear as 2016. We regret this error and have corrected it on the online version.


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