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Discussion Board helps you dig deeper into JCN content, offering ideas for personal or group reflection with other nurses-great for Nurses Christian Fellowship student chapters or nurse fellowship groups!

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Fertility Awareness-Based Methods for Family Planning

Read Jensen and Wrede, 212-220.


1. What is central to fertility awareness-based (FAB) family planning?


2. Describe the window of fertility. What factors should be considered?


3. What FAB methods use more than one biologic indicator of fertility?


4. Why is this information valuable for nurses working in a variety of settings? What are the most important points for you to understand in your nursing practice?


5. For those wishing to become pregnant or experiencing infertility, how can nurses foster hope?


6. Read Psalm 127:3, 139:13-14 and Isaiah 66:13. What do we learn about God's view of children? Describe God's heart toward children based on Scripture. What other verses would you add to this list?



Disaster Nursing

Read Weeks and Kiser, 236-242 and 232-235.


1. Kiser addressed specific ways that churches can assist during recovery after a disaster. How could your local church or faith community minister to disaster survivors?


2. What physical and emotional symptoms might disaster survivors experience? Explain how you would assess for these symptoms.


3. Weeks mentions grit, passion, and perseverance as helpful qualities for nurses responding to disaster situations. Why is each important? What other qualities and skills are valuable?


4. Weeks states, "Disaster nursing is an ideal venue for ministry as it gives way to tangibly reaching the broken with physical care, opening hearts to also hear and receive the love that Jesus offers." Do you have an interest in this area of nursing? Inventory the qualities you possess; what is still needed?


5. Read 1 John 4:11-14. Have you experienced COVID-19 on a rampant scale in your community? In what ways has COVID-19 felt like a disaster situation? Were you personally prepared? What principles from Weeks and Kiser could you apply to this health disaster?



Reclaiming Lament

Read Fowler, 208-209.


1. Describe lament. In recent months, there have been many reasons to lament. Over what have you cried out to God?


2. Discuss the elements of lament noted in the article: 1) an address or cry for help or rescue; 2) Lord, me, foe; and 3) confession of trust. What is significant about each element?


3. As a nurse, what causes you the greatest pain? To whom do you most frequently express grief, or do you stuff it?


4. Read a few psalms of lament (e.g., Psalm 42, 43, 71, 142), then write one of your own.


5. Reflect on 2 Corinthians 1:3-4. How have you experienced this type of comfort? In what ways do you sense God comforting you as you care for others? Describe how this empowers you to comfort others.



Complied by Karen Schmidt and Cathy Walker