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  1. Anselmo-Witzel, Sonia PhD, RN, SNT
  2. Heitner, Keri L. PhD
  3. Dimitroff, Lynda J. PhD, MSEd, BSN, LMHC-LP, RN, MCHES, PCC


OBJECTIVE: The purpose of this study was to describe generation Y nurses' perceptions of their nurse managers' servant leadership characteristics as well as the relationship between these characteristics and intent to stay on the job.


BACKGROUND: To attract and retain generation Y nurses, organizational leaders need to develop an understanding of this generation's perspectives around workplace loyalty and commitment.


METHOD: This study had a quantitative correlational research design. The Servant Leadership Survey (SLS) measured 116 generation Y nurses' perception of their manager's use of servant leadership.


RESULTS: Generation Y nurses' most positively rated servant leadership characteristic of their managers was accountability; the lowest was forgiveness. Significant positive relationships were found between the overall SLS score and intent to stay and between the SLS dimensions of standing back, empowerment, authenticity, humility, and stewardship, and intent to stay on the job.


CONCLUSIONS: Generation Y nurses are seeking characteristics in their nurse managers that will attract them to stay on the job; if these characteristics are lacking, they may leave.