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  1. Van Bogaert, Peter PhD, RN
  2. Van heusden, Danny MSN, RN
  3. Slootmans, Stijn MSN, RN
  4. Haegdorens, Filip PhD, RN
  5. Verspuy, Martijn MSN, RN
  6. Van Aken, Paul MS, RN
  7. Schoeters, Veerle MS, RN
  8. Gillis, Katrin MSN, RN
  9. Siebens, Kaat PhD, RN
  10. Goossens, Eva PhD, RN
  11. Hans, Guy PhD, MD
  12. Van der Straeten, Johnny MS
  13. Timmermans, Olaf PhD, RN
  14. Franck, Erik PhD, RN


Improving work conditions and the provision of high-quality care and patient safety is an issue in European hospitals. Inspired by a US program for nursing excellence, Magnet Recognition(R), a Belgian hospital shared their experiences by organizing a summer school in 2019 with nurses of 21 hospitals from 9 countries. This article explains the hospital's research program, the link between the journey and the content of the summer school, lessons learned, and the extent to which participants of European hospitals were interested in nursing excellence and Magnet(R) designation.