1. Osinski, John MLS
  2. Turrise, Stephanie L. PhD, RN-BC, APRN, CNE, CHFN-K

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Students face several obstacles when searching for clinical practice guidelines.1 First, they must have an understanding of the definition. Second, they need to locate reliable, credible resources. Third, whereas some clinical practice guidelines are freely available, many are located in proprietary databases behind paywalls. A "one-stop-shopping" guide specifically for nursing students was jointly created by the nursing librarian and faculty. The guide was designed to address the issues listed above. However, it could be adapted for use by students in other allied health majors. The guide begins with a brief definition of clinical practice guidelines and links to a more detailed one that is freely available through the National Library of Medicine ( The next section instructs students on locating clinical practice guidelines in a variety of places, including the university library's catalog, several proprietary databases (eg, Cumulative Index to Nursing and Allied Health Literature Plus with Full Text, Ovid Nursing Database, ProQuest Nursing, and Allied Health Database), PubMed, and the ECRI Institute. There are brief video tutorials followed by links to each resource. The videos explain how to conduct a search and limit the results to guidelines. The guide, which is a simple web page, and tutorials were all created using Adobe Spark. The basic version of Adobe Spark is free and intuitive, and the guide can be updated quickly and easily whenever necessary. The last item on the guide is the contact information for the nursing librarian. A link to the guide is posted in the learning management system and can be found here:




1. Gannaway P. Locating clinical practice guidelines. Nurse Educ. 2020;45(1):50. [Context Link]