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admissions criteria, critical thinking, emotional intelligence, nursing education



  1. Christianson, Krista L. PhD, MA, MSN, CRNA


Background: Emotional intelligence (EI) and critical thinking (CT) are positive attributes for nursing students throughout their nursing education and in future professional practice.


Purpose: The purpose was to review the literature investigating both EI and CT in prelicensure nursing students.


Methods: A systematic literature search of original research articles published between 2003 and 2018 was conducted using electronic databases. Emerging themes were identified using integrative review methodological strategies.


Results: Three themes emerged: (1) EI and CT are interdependent; (2) EI and CT are critical for success in nursing education; and (3) nursing education should enhance EI and CT. Findings are mixed regarding the usefulness of screening applicants for EI prior to admission.


Conclusions: Developing EI and CT skills in nursing students deserves thoughtful consideration. Further research is warranted regarding integrating strategies to enhance EI and CT skills as well as adopting EI as an adjunct admissions criterion for entrance into a prelicensure program.