1. Rodrigues, Claudiane Pedro PhD
  2. Jacinto, Jeferson Lucas MSc
  3. Roveratti, Mirela Casonato MSc
  4. Nunes, Joao Pedro MSc
  5. Pacagnelli, Francis Lopes PhD
  6. Andraus, Rodrigo Antonio Carvalho PhD
  7. Soares-Caldeira, Lucio Flavio PhD
  8. Ribeiro, Alex Silva PhD
  9. Buzzachera, Cosme Franklim PhD
  10. Aguiar, Andreo Fernando PhD


Objective: This study aimed to investigate the acute effects of laser photobiomodulation ([lambda]: 808 nm) therapy on muscle performance and perceived exertion in physically active elderly women.


Methods: Seventeen physically active elderly women (72.6 +/- 4.1 years) participated in a crossover study in which they received active or placebo laser therapy on the rectus femoris muscle on 2 occasions, separated by a 7-day washout period. On each occasion, the following performance outcomes were assessed: functional capacity by short physical performance battery, knee extensor strength by maximum voluntary isometric contraction, muscle endurance by repetitions-to-failure test and blood lactate levels, and perceived exertion.


Results: No statistical (P > .05) differences were observed between active and placebo laser conditions for all muscle performance outcome (ie, short physical performance battery, maximum voluntary isometric contraction, repetitions-to-failure, and lactate) and perceived exertion.


Conclusions: Acute laser photobiomodulation therapy at 808 nm does not improve muscle performance (functional capacity, strength, and endurance) and perceived exertion in physically active elderly women.


Trial registration: NCT04241991.