1. Trentadue, Mary Beth MSN, RN
  2. Rafter, Deborah RN
  3. Weiss, Suzanne MM, MHA, RN
  4. Phelan, Cynthia H. PhD, RN


The types of infusion therapy services provided in ambulatory care settings are expanding. The Infusion Therapy Standards of Practice can be applied across service locations/care settings; however, no specific literature was found to indicate how these recommendations have been applied in ambulatory care settings. This article demonstrates how an Ambulatory Care Shared Governance Practice Council led a systemwide evidence-based practice (EBP) initiative to improve infusion therapy over an 18-month period (May 2017 to December 2018). The initiative, based on the Iowa Model Revised, strengthened the nurses understanding of EBP and successfully standardized infusion therapy care across ambulatory care settings.