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education, just-in-time, QR code, Quick Response code



  1. Hirsch, Sonya M.
  2. Bueno, Elyse
  3. Tenure, Krystal C.


ABSTRACT: BACKGROUND: Many nurses are digital natives who have grown up with advanced technology. Bedside competence is essential, and written policies and procedures guide our practice. Newer learning styles, time constraints, and available personnel may be barriers to historical approaches to information dissemination. METHODS: Quick Response code technology was incorporated to provide just-in-time resources that can be readily accessed at the point of care. RESULTS: Nurses have incorporated Quick Response codes in novel ways to provide quick resources in a dynamic environment. Examples include orientation documents, educational rollouts, infrequently used and high-risk equipment, and leadership updates. IMPLICATIONS: Bedside nurses in our institution have embraced this technology. Benefits include engagement, increased knowledge, and a sense of value among our nursing team.