1. Van Horne, Sam PhD
  2. Downing, Vanessa PhD
  3. Farley, Heather MD, MHCDS, FACEP


OBJECTIVE: The objective of this study was to determine whether an innovative program including psychoeducation grounded in positive psychology and awareness of cognitive biases, along with access to a dedicated relaxation environment, would lower burnout for nurses.


BACKGROUND: Promoting well-being of nurses is an essential goal of healthcare leaders because of the negative effects of burnout out on nurses' health and patient outcomes.


METHODS: A prospective cohort analysis was conducted to examine whether exposure to the OASIS (Opportunity to Achieve Staff Inspiration and Strength) education content and using the OASIS rooms were associated with improvements in quality of life or turnover intention among nurses.


RESULTS: Nurses who reported receiving 3 to 6 education sessions and who used the OASIS room reported lower levels of burnout, on average, than nurses who did not receive any education sessions.


CONCLUSION: The OASIS program has the potential to be an effective, easy-to-deliver education program that can integrate well-being into the workday of nursing professionals.