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Dermatoporosis, Skin Aging, Chronic Skin Insufficiency, Chronic Cutaneous Fragility Syndrome, Nursing Care



  1. Vanzi, Valentina
  2. Toma, Elena


ABSTRACT: Skin fragility caused by structural and functional deterioration is ubiquitous especially in older people, and it determines a significant impact on quality of life. Dermatoporosis is a relatively new term used to describe the chronic skin insufficiency and fragility syndrome marked by morphological and functional manifestations. It is much more than a merely cosmetic problem. Dermatoporosis' manifestations may determine an increased risk of morbidity and mortality. Severe stages of dermatoporosis may determine skin lacerations, deep dissecting hematomas, and skin necrosis. Most patients affected by dermatoporosis are between 70 and 90 years old, but first clinical signs may start at around 40-60 years. Nurses have a key role in preventing dermatoporosis and managing its complications, promoting patients' safety and skin integrity.