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  1. Ustundag, Hulya PhD, RN
  2. Gul, Asiye PhD, RN
  3. Ozkaya, Birgul Msc, RN
  4. Zengin, Neriman PhD, RN


The aim of this study was to evaluate healthy lifestyle behaviors and the quality of life of obese individuals in 3-12 months after sleeve gastrectomy. The study is a descriptive design and was conducted at the obesity surgery outpatient clinic of a government hospital between May and December 2017. The study sample included 172 patients agreeing to participate. Data were gathered with a questionnaire composed of questions about sociodemographic features, the Health Promoting Lifestyle Profile II (HPLP II), and the WHO Quality of Life BREF-TR (WHOQOL-BREF-TR). The total HPLP II score was above average; participants had the highest and lowest scores for the subscales spiritual growth and physical activity, respectively. The total score for the WHOQOL-BREF-TR was above average. The highest and lowest scores were obtained for the subscales psychological health and social relations, respectively. There was a significant correlation between the scores for HPLP II and its subscales and the scores for WHOQOL-BREF-TR. Promotion of health and a healthy lifestyle need to be an integral part of health services provided for patients after sleeve gastrectomy.