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alcohol use disorder, attitudes, health professionals



  1. de Vargas, Divane PhD
  2. Pereira, Caroline Figueira MSc
  3. Ramirez, Erika Gisseth Leon MSc
  4. Ponce, Talita Dutra BSN


Abstract: Attitudes of health professionals have an effect on the quality of care provided to individuals with alcohol use disorders. The identification of health professionals' attitudes supports strategies that promote positive attitudes and improve the quality of the health care provided to this population. This is a descriptive cross-sectional study with 831 health professionals. Data were collected using the scale of attitudes toward alcohol, alcohol use disorder, and individuals with alcohol use disorders. Pearson test, Analysis of Variance, and Bayesian linear regression were used to analyze the data. There was a predominance of positive attitudes among all professional categories, with the exception of attitudes toward the etiology of alcohol use disorder and attitudes toward alcoholic beverages and their use. The respondent's age and professional category influenced his or her attitudes toward alcohol and associated issues. There are differences in the attitudes of professionals from different professional groups, which may contribute to inconsistencies in the care provided for individuals with alcohol use disorders. The results of our study suggest that strategies regarding the training and continuing education of health professionals that consider the particularities of each profession be instituted to improve professionals' attitudes, thus improving their ability to address issues related to alcohol use disorders and encourage alcoholic patients to engage in treatment.