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In the July/August 2004 issue of DCCN, there was an error in the article, "Turning the Tide on Medical Errors in Intensive Care Units: A Human Factors Approach," by William T. Rogerson Jr, and Mary Jane Tremethick. On page 173, the last 2 sentences in item #4 should read:


"In these industries, a key ingredient to successful turnover of information is a standardized turnover sheet onto which the information can be recorded for later review. ICUs must examine their own methods of communication between physicians and nurses and between shift personnel. Identifying lapses in communications is an important means of addressing medical errors."


In the September/October 2004 issue, there was an error in the article, "Management of Increased Intracranial Pressure," by Linda Josephson.


On page 201, the bold text in the lower right column should read as follows:


Increased CO2 = Vasodilation and decreased ICP


Decreased CO2 = Vasoconstriction and increased ICP


The proper relationship is described correctly in the text, but was inadvertently reversed in the bold subheading.


In the November/December 2004 issue in the article by Elizabeth Thompson, RN, BJN, CCRN, on page 259, second paragraph, "Veins" should have been "then."


On page 273, reference 19, the second author is King SL.


The editor appreciates the authors for bringing these errors to our attention.