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The editors of JCN are seeking readers' input on the best feature article and the best column published in JCN in 2020. Name the article and/or column and explain your choice in one sentence. Readers can nominate both an article and a column if desired.


Send your nominations to mailto:[email protected] by January 10, 2021. Results will be published in the April-June 2021 issue and the article and column authors will be recognized.



I wanted to thank you for the great opportunity of submitting an article and publishing it in the Journal of Christian Nursing. I appreciate the chance to be a part of the journal. In these difficult times, I am more and more convinced that such a journal is extremely valuable and needed in today's society.


Also, thank you for the discount to be a part of the (NCF) community. I am officially a member and will certainly encourage other nurses to join and support the journal.


Philip Nelan, Bayside, New York


"Hope After TBI" is an excellent informative article. JCN's art department is excellent. This article was of personal interest to me as I have a condition known as primary orthostatic tremors, tremors on standing. A number of us with this disorder have had head injuries and are wondering if those injuries contributed to this disorder.


"The Difference Rehabilitation Makes" is an excellent article. This is one of my all-time favorite articles. Why? Kathy (Schoonover-Shoffner) was so transparent and this article described the gold standard of care. I remember sitting in a hospital room with my son, who was diagnosed with a serious chronic medical situation, and looking outside the door at the medical team. I thought to myself that I had gone from being one of us, healthcare providers, to being one of them, patients and families that your heart goes out to.


Roberta Paige, Portsmouth, Virginia




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