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case report, radiation dermatitis, radiotherapy, skin barrier protectant, toxicity, vulvar carcinoma



  1. Van Bever, Leen BSc
  2. Claes, Stefan BSc
  3. Robijns, Jolien PhD, MSc
  4. Censabella, Sandrine PhD, MSc
  5. Pannekoeke, Luc BSc
  6. Van de Werf, Evelyn MD
  7. Bulens, Paul MD


OBJECTIVE: To evaluate the use of a novel skin barrier protectant in a patient treated with radiotherapy for vulvar cancer.


METHODS: This case report was conducted in a radiotherapy department with two women undergoing radiotherapy for vulvar carcinoma. A novel skin barrier protectant was evaluated in one patient; the other underwent the institutional standard skin care protocol. Skin reactions and pain were evaluated using the Radiotherapy Oncology Group Criteria.


MAIN RESULTS: The patient who was treated with the skin protectant showed accelerated healing toward the end of radiotherapy, and this was accompanied with a decrease in pain (maximum pain score 6/10). In comparison, the patient treated with the standard skin care protocol had an extended healing process, experienced a higher pain level (maximum pain score 9/10), and required more nursing care.


CONCLUSIONS: This case report is the first to suggest that this novel skin barrier protectant could effectively manage acute radiodermatitis in patients with cancer. This case report hopes to lay the foundation for future randomized controlled trials with a larger and broader patient population.