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decision making, ethics, planning, strategy



  1. Oetjen, Dawn PhD
  2. Rotarius, Timothy PhD


Today's health care executives find their organizations facing internal and external environments that are behaving in chaotic and unpredictable ways. From inadequate staffing and an increase in clinical errors to outdated risk management procedures and increased competition for scare reimbursements, these health care managers find themselves making decisions without being fully informed of the ethical ramifications of these decisions. A 6-part Comprehensive Organizational Plan is presented that helps the health care decision maker better understand the key success factors for the organization. The Comprehensive Organizational Plan is an overall plan that is intended to protect and serve your organization. The 6 plans in the Comprehensive Organizational Plan cover the following areas: competition, facilities, finances, human resources, information management, and marketing. The comprehensive organizational plan includes an overlay of the ethical considerations for each part of the plan.