1. O'Shaughnessy, Colleen Raleigh JD, BSN, RN

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I would like to pass along my critique of "An Open Letter from Past Presidents of the American Nurses Association" (November 2020). It is my personal and professional opinion that partisan politics and endorsements of specific candidates have no place in your journal.


It is my view that all members of the nursing profession should maintain the appearance of neutrality in public forums at all times. Nurses need to care for all individuals no matter where they fall on the political spectrum. Holding caregivers up as belonging to one particular political camp could be deleterious to patient well-being. It is in the realm of possibility that an endorsement of a candidate by a professional nursing organization may reach the ears of a potential patient. Would this information ease the mind of a patient supporting an opposing candidate? I think not. In addition, it could have the unintended consequence of pitting nursing staff, who hold differing political philosophies, against one another.


Stop taking sides. We should all work together to achieve common goals no matter who is in the White House. I think AJN and the American Nurses Association need to stay out of politics and do what they do best-focus on bringing quality care to the sick. Don't let our esteemed profession get dragged into the morass of political controversy and turmoil!


Colleen Raleigh O'Shaughnessy, JD, BSN, RN


Westlake, OH